eMemory Technology, Inc.

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eMemory Technology, Inc.
8F, No. 5, Tai-Yuan 1st St.,
Jhubei City, Hsinchu County 30288 Taiwan

Partner Overview

eMemory Technology Inc. is the world’s leading developer and provider of logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) technology. The company licenses its silicon intellectual property (Silicon IP) to semiconductor foundries, integrated devices manufacturers (IDMs), and fabless design houses around the world.

As a global leader in the eNVM (embedded Non-volatile Memory) market, eMemory provides patented eNVM solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive process technology coverage. The company also pioneers in providing the security IP core based on silicon biometrics.

eMemory’s eNVM IP offerings include one-time programmable memories (NeoBit/NeoFuse) and multi-time programmable memories (NeoMTP/NeoFlash/NeoEE). NeoPUF is the company’s embedded root of trust technology for security application. eMemory's superior technology and silicon IPs help customers effectively reduce time and development costs.



Antifuse solution offering reliable, secure and high yield embedded OTP/PMTP function for advance technology nodes


Hardware security technology based on the physical unclonable variations occurring in silicon manufacturing process.

Partnership Solutions

The way of protecting source code of FPGA system is the crucial security subject in FPGA architecture design field. PUF-based key encryption and management functions provide the best solution to protect software and hardware system to prevent the malicious attack or illegitimate cloning. NeoFuse and NeoPUF can be constructed as a strong hardware root of trust and used for security applications including key provision, authentication, secure boot, and data encryption in FPGA system. The integration of NeoFuse and NeoPUF within Achronix FPGA products significantly enhances the security capabilities of the devices, fulfilling the growing demands for security for all components used in systems.