InAccel Inc.

Partner Details

InAccel Inc.
500 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, DE, USA

Partner Overview

InAccel Inc., is a US company founded in 2018 in Delaware. InAccel is specialized in developing accelerators for machine learning, data analytics, data processing (compression, encryption) and databases. The accelerators from InAccel are also compatible with the widely-used framework for distributed data processing Apache Spark. Spark can be used for data analytics and machine learning applications. InAccel’s accelerators can be deployed under Spark without any modifications of the source code. InAccel provides all the required libraries and APIs for seamless deployment of accelerators in the customer applications.

InAccel is one of the first companies that provided accelerators as IP cores in the cloud for FPGAs and is an official partner of Amazon AWS, Alibaba Cloud. It was the first company that provided ready-use accelerators for Apache Spark on Amazon AWS.

InAccel provides both readily available IPs for acceleration of machine learning and data analytics, and it can also provide customized solutions based on the customer’s requirements. In 2018, InAccel received a seed funding of 500,000 Euros from Marathon VC that helped establish the company and grow its penetration to the Cloud application marketplace.


  • Logistic Regression – FPGA-based IP cores for logistic regression training
  • K-means Clustering – FPGA-based IP cores for K-means clustering training
  • Naïve Bayes – FPGA-based IP cores for Naïve Bayes training and classification
  • XGboost, – FPGA-based IP cores for XGBoost training

Partnership Solutions

The accelerated ML suite form InAccel is fully compatible with the Achronix’s FPGA technology and can provide great speedup on mission critical application in the domain of machine learning.