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MosChip Technologies, USA
3080 Olcott Street, Ste B230, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Partner Overview

MosChip Technologies is a publicly traded semiconductor and system design services company headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with 1300+ engineers located in Silicon Valley-USA, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. MosChip provides turn-key digital and mixed-signal ASICs, design services, SerDes IP, and embedded system design solutions. Over the past 2 decades, MosChip has developed and shipped millions of connectivity ICs. For more information, visit


IP Name – VSL312

Standard – PCIE GEN1/GEN2 PHY

Description – VSL312 PHY is suitable for both Root Complex and End Point applications within a PCI Express system. The VSL312 PHY provides a comprehensive feature set, a well-defined architecture that allows designers extensive flexibility for various applications, and a roadmap to future products. Additionally, the VSL312 PHY provides support for a number of PCI Express addendums and extensions including the Mobile Graphics Low Power addendum and the Wireless Form Factor extension.


IP Name – VSL320

Standard – XAUI PHY

Description – VSL320 PHY supports up to 3.2G backplane applications. The benefit of this highly-integrated PHY solution includes differentiated performance, simplified interoperability, and extensive built-in testability.


IP Name – VSL330

Standard – CEI-6G-SR PHY

Description – VSL330 PHY supports up to 6.4G backplane applications. This comprehensive PHY family covers a wide range of standards from 1.06 Gbps to 6.4 Gbps with the smallest footprints in the industry.


IP Name – VSL340

Standard – SATA I/II PHY

Description – VSL340 PHY is suitable for both Host and Device applications within a Serial ATA system. The SATA PHY operates to the Serial ATA specification using either a 10-bit or 20-bit interface to a Serial ATA Link Layer where the 8b10b encoding and decoding of the data are done. Recovered data is provided using SATA compliant D-word alignment. The SATA PHY provides a comprehensive feature set, a well-defined architecture that allows designers extensive flexibility for various applications, and a roadmap to future products.


IP Name – VSG3ST6

Standard – ARM HSSTP PHY

Description – The VSG3ST6 is an enhanced simplex High-Speed STP macro with data transfer capabilities up to 6.25/12.5Gbps. It includes a Standard ARM HS-STP simplex interface. In addition, on the same footprint using our technology, it can include a standard JTAG interface.

Partnership Solutions

MosChip is a business-focused partner to our clients and offers a unique combination of services and solutions which will give them an advantage in the industry. Supported by a focused team of domain experts, we have expertise in ASIC design and verification, embedded solutions, product and systems engineering solutions for IoT, Networking and Telecommunications, Computing, Storage, and Consumer applications.

Semiconductor Services:

  • Turnkey analog, digital and mixed-signal ASIC and IP design services
  • Tape-out expertise on 100+ ASICs with pass silicon success in all leading foundries
  • Time tested and proven methodologies/flows using leading EDA tools
  • RTL to GDSII services (500nm to 5nm)
  • RTL to Silicon turnkey ASICs (500nm to 22nm)
  • Custom SerDes development leveraging protocol-agnostic PHY architecture (up to 16G)

System Engineering Services:

  • Turnkey Product Solutions with System, FPGA and Software Development
  • Reference Designs for PoC, Si Bring-up, Functional Validation and Characterization
  • Form factor Designs for Custom or COTS Enclosures
  • Platform Bring-up and Validation
  • Complex and High-Speed System Design

Embedded Firmware/Software Services:

  • Board Support Package (BSP) and OS Porting
  • Linux, VxWorks, Android
  • Device Drivers Development
  • Bare Metal and OS
  • Multimedia, Connectivity and Memories
  • 3rd Party IP Integration and Test App Development
  • System Integration and Software Testing
  • GUI Development for Embedded Systems
  • Sustenance and Derivative Product Development
  • Customization, Maintenance and Support