Packet Architects AB


Packet Architects AB
Lund, Skåne, Sweden


Packet Architects AB is a privately held semiconductor IP company located in Lund, Sweden. Packet Architects was founded by a team with extensive experience in designing ASICs for various communication systems.

Packet Architects was founded with the clear focus that Ethernet, in all its forms, will be the pervasive technology which all future communication systems will be based on. Therefore enabling Ethernet on all platforms in all its shapes is a key focus for us.

Having seen the costly development, both in money and time, for these types of communication systems and the lack of flexibility with the existing IP cores led Packet Architects to develop a toolchain. We call this toolchain FlexSwitch, short for flexible switches.

The FlexSwitch toolchain allows Packet Architects to easily create custom Switch/Routing IPs for many different markets with many different features and from small switches in home networking all the way to internet core network systems and datacenter networks.


With the FlexSwitch Toolchain we can target the following markets

  • Automotive Networks
  • SoHo / Enterprise Networks
  • Telco 4G/5G Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Center
  • Core Networks

FlexSwitch systems can be doing the following items:

  • Ethernet L2 Switching
  • IPv4/IPv6 Routing
  • L2 / L3 VPN systems
  • Packet Processor systems
  • Traffic Manager / Deep Buffering systems
  • IPsec
  • Tunneling such as VxLANs

FlexSwitch can support the following port speeds:

  • 10/100/1Gbits/s
  • 5Gbits/s
  • 5Gbit/s
  • 10Gbit/s
  • 25Gbit/s
  • 50Gbit/s
  • 100Gbit/s
  • 200Gbit/s
  • 400Gbit/s (in roadmap)


We can deliver all the packet processing needs for the customers using Achronix FPGAs either as smaller parts of a complete solution or as complete solutions with integrated software stacks.