Semihalf sp. z o.o.

Partner Details

Semihalf sp. z o.o.
Krakusa 11, 30-535 Krakow, Poland

Partner Overview

Semihalf creates advanced embedded solutions blending software and hardware components to achieve maximum system capacity. The company was founded in 2006 and delivers custom-made solutions in the areas of FPGA design, firmware, operating systems, virtualization, networking and storage. Technologies developed by Semihalf power a wide range of products from consumer electronics (Chromebook) to cloud data center elements (CSP network infra) and carrier-grade networking gear (switches, routers, security appliances etc.).


  • 100/200/400G Ethernet programmable NIC – complete solution (hardware IP with performance optimized software stack) providing a flexible offloading platform designed towards efficient handling of very small/very large packets. The technology is targeted for network connectivity in data center infrastructure (cloud providers, hyper-scalers, telco operators in 5G infra). The central part of the technology is developed as hardware IP design (FPGA) with the accompanying software stack on the host (server) side, seamlessly integrated for achieving maximum network performance.
  • Portable DMA – high performance DMA engine, including a broad feature set, running on various FPGAs. The single (uniform) software stack (DPDK, Linux kernel driver) allows building solutions (e.g. telecom) portable across heterogeneous hardware (FPGA) installations.

Partnership Solutions

  1. High-performance network solution for next generation Ethernet (400Gbps) connectivity:
    • An intelligent network controller (SmartNIC) designed towards flexibility (programmability) of packets stream processing pipeline and traffic shaping: classification, parsing and later stages of data traffic processing
  2. Multi platform DMA on Achronix Speedster7t FPGA family.
  3. In-line security acceleration (TLS, IPsec).