Tamba Networks LLC

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Tamba Networks LLC
129 Ravenswood Crt. Petaluma, CA 94952, USA

Partner Overview

Tamba Networks is led by a team of world-class experts from premier telecommunications equipment suppliers and FPGA manufacturers, including Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Altera, and Xilinx. Leveraging our highly talented design, engineering and management teams, Tamba Networks is designing and developing the most compact, efficient, and cost-effective Connectivity IP Solutions in the world.

The focus is on Ethernet and Interlaken Protocols which were originally developed for the financial industry where low latency is crucial. A by-product of the low latency is extremely low gate count and low power cores. The focus is to develop Superfast Connectivity Solutions for global semiconductor and communication equipment makers. The company provides customers with intelligent, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective high-speed Intellectual Property (IP) Cores. Tamba’s innovative and flexible Unified Architecture enables customers to easily integrate our IP Cores in their existing designs and facilitates seamless exchange of data among different I/O Ports using Tamba’s proprietary Auto-Bridge technology. Tamba Networks’ Compact IP Solutions are industry standards compliant and offer a smooth transition path to the next generation networks.

Ethernet cores start at 1Gbps up to an industry leading 800Gbps, including MAC/PCS/FEC blocks, with latency, size and power unrivaled in the industry.

Interlaken cores are available with a wide variety of lane counts and serdes speeds up to 112Gbps, including the FEC. Have delivered cores up to 1Tbps.


Ethernet and Interlaken IP

Tamba offers a family of Low Latency, Low Power, and Compact Intellectual Property (IP) Cores for popular communication protocols. The highly-flexible, universal IP Cores can be easily customized for different data speeds, process technologies, and implementation platforms with corresponding reductions in latency, power, and logic size. The family includes IP Cores for chip-to-chip, backplane, and system-to-system interconnects.

Financial Ethernet

Tamba launched the ethernet core in 2013, and we quickly realized that the low latency made it an ideal choice for financial trading firms requiring low latency for the smallest delay from tick to trade, or for high frequency trading. As time progressed the race to zero latency continues and so have our efforts. —In less than 18 months we became the de facto solution for low latency Ethernet

Datacenter Ethernet

The Ethernet MAC/PCS/FEC offers industry’s lowest latency, power, and size. The highly flexible IP Core can be customized to speeds from 1 Gbps to 800 Gbps and targeted to both FPGA and ASIC platforms. The innovative, high-speed MAC/PCS design can be automatically ported from the FPGA to ASIC platform with dramatic reductions in latency, power consumption, and logic size. All Tamba Gigabit Ethernet IP Cores are based on an innovative Unified Architecture. The unified architecture allows all Tamba IP Cores to have the proven high quality and a common asynchronous system-side interface. The asynchronous system-side interface decouples Ethernet MAC clock domains from the native system clock domains, and thus enables seamless integration of Tamba IP Cores with the customers’ existing designs. In addition, the Unified Architecture enables seamless exchange of data among different types of I/O ports using Tamba’s proprietary Auto-Bridge technology.

Partnership Solutions

Tamba Networks’ Ethernet and Interlaken IP cores can be easily optimized and integrated into the Achronix FPGA architecture upon customer request.