UCTECHIP Corporation

Partner Details

UCTECHIP Corporation
Guangdong Province, P.R. China

Partner Overview

UC Techip is a technology R&D and service provider that has delivered innovative open ISA, RISC-V based processor cores and verification suite, software, silicon intellectual property (IP) and Domain Specific Architecture (DSA) solutions. UC Techip joined RISC-V Foundation on 2017 and has offices at Santa Clara, Xi'an and Shenzhen.

In September 2019, UC Techip announced the production availability of both 32-bit and 64-bit high-performance and low-power processor IP cores compatible with RISC-V architecture. Customers have shipped SoC/ASICs using UC Techip solutions on 55nm to 22nm process.


Wei-River W32 and W64 Processor IP cores

W32 and W64 are 32-bit and 64-bit uBright ISA RISC-V compatible processor IP cores having 1-4 Cores Cluster, 5-stage integer pipeline and 6-stage floating-point pipeline. Single-Issue, In of Order, supports RISC-V I [M|A|C|F] instruction set, Machine/Supervisor/User Mode, 4K-64K ICache & DCache, up to 16 Physical Memory Protection (PMP), 1-256 Platform Level Interrupt, Custom Extensional Instruction Interface for customized accelerator. Both RTOS and Linux OS are supported. W32 single-core Synthesis Frequency is 1.0GHz at 22ULP with Performance Dhrystone: 2.58 DMPIS/MHz and CoreMark: 2.89 CoreMark/MHz. Area & Power: 600k synthesis area gate count (w/o MEM) (0.378um^2/gate count) and logic power (w/o MEM) 15uW/MHz. W32/W64 is competitive versus Arm Cortex-A7.

C8 and C8X Processor IP Cores

C8 and C8X are 32-bit and 64-bit uBright ISA RISC-V compatible processor IP cores having 1-4 Cores Cluster, 8-stage pipeline, Dual-Issue, In of Order. Both RTOS and Linux are supported. C8X Synthesis Frequency is 1.1GHz at 22ULP with Performance CoreMark: 5.0 CoreMark/MHz. Area & Power: 0.58mm^2 and 30uW/MHz. C8/C8X is competitive versus Arm Cortex-A53.

LDJ32HP Processor IP Cores

LDJ32HP is 32-bit RISC-V compatible processor IP core, 3-stage pipeline, Ultra Low Power and cost-effective, RTOS supported. It is competitive versus Arm Cortex-M4F.

Partnership Solutions

Both W32/W64 and C8/C8X can be integrated  into customer’s products (SoC,ASICs etc.) together with Achronix FPGA or eFPGA IP. UC Techip provides RISC-V IP solutions and SPEC2GDSII ASIC design services.