WASAI Technology, Inc.

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WASAI Technology, Inc.
Taipei, Taiwan

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WASAI Technology provides high-performance computing with the assistance of FPGA card, which benefits in High-Performance-Data-Analysis (HPDA) for future data centers by shortening the processing time of vertical applications with massive volumes and high velocity of scientific data. We target on unique solutions for the software/hardware co-design integration with the hardware assistance of FPGA card and both the acceleration and the optimization of the data processing platform. Our solution can benefit data to enterprises by shortening the processing time and reducing the data center building costs and operating costs.

With the data creation reaching hundreds of zettabytes in the next decade, data bring more challenges along with their value. More and more server hardware in data centers are procured for processing and storing these emerging data while facing the limit of budgets, power, thermal condition and space. The software system and algorithm have been built to process these data correctly without the same emerging speed of performance from the hardware. The hardware architecture needs evolution without changing algorithms and software usage and also reduce the cost and size, power consumption and heat generation.

Current solution for genomics secondary analysis with commodity high-end server without hardware accelerators takes 32 hours to complete. Moreover, it requires an engineer dedicated to arranging the analysis of genomics sample data. The automation mechanism is needed with accelerating the genomics data processing speed.


  • WASAI-Lightning –  the all-in-one genomics sequencing FPGA-accelerated solution with GATK germline pipeline acceleration and integrated on 2U servers
  • WASAI-Tachyon Pack – the FPGA-accelerated solution for Apache Hadoop & Apache Spark Distributed Big Data Analytics platform

Partnership Solutions

WASAI’s FPGA PCIe card accelerator solutions on Genomics and BigData are well suited to Achronix FPGA platforms