Radiant Semiconductors Pvt.Ltd

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Radiant Semiconductors Pvt.Ltd
#1615,2nd Floor, AECS Layout, ⁠⁠⁠Kundalahalli, Bengaluru-560037

Partner Overview

Radiant Semiconductors is a fast growing fabless Semiconductor, Embedded Automotive & Software Development Services Company. We have strong capabilities in ASIC design from Spec to Silicon and software development end to end. Our core team expertise includes Physical Design, ASIC Verification, Analog Layout, Analog Circuit Design, FPGA Design Verification and Embedded Systems across different foundries & nodes (180nm - 5nm). Our customers include leading tier1 and tier2 companies in India, Israel, Japan and Malaysia to name a few.


  • Verification Services: Our Core Verification Team has expertise in Developing protocols like AMBA/PCIe/SATA/DDR/USB/MIPI/Ethernet etc.
  • PD Services: Our core PD team completed physical design projects ranging from 180nm to TSMC5nm for our customers. The activities included Full chip activities like Floorplan, I/O planning, Partitioning, CTS Block level Place and Route, Full chip Place and Route and Timing analysis etc.
  • Analog Services: Analog Team worked on cutting edge CMOS process technology nodes like 5nm, 7nm, 16nm, 10nm, 14nm, 22nm, 32nm & 45nm (TSMC and INTEL fabs) on SerDes, I/O interfaces, Clock Circuit and Power management like MIPI, PCEGEN1, DDR, HSIO, GPIO, LVDS, PLL, LDO, LCVR & SCVR for the chipset designs as well as for SOC IP, etc.
  • DFT Services: DFT Team worked on Scan insertion, Scan compression, ATPG, MBIST, JTAG, Boundary Scan, Physical aware synth, Timing closure, SI analysis, Formal verification, and Low-power checks, etc.
  • Aerospace/Defense Services: Flight Management System, Display systems, Fuel Control and Monitoring applications, Engine Thrust Reversal control system's HSIT, Boot SW/Data Loader development and testing, Closed loop Motor Drive systems, Reverse Engineering, RPN logic implementation and testing, Object Code analysis, Vibration Monitor, LCA-FCS(Tejas) : Actuation systems, FPGA debug, Flight Simulation and prototyping, SIC/FPGA V&V, Static timing analysis, HDL RTL, Landing Gear control system, PFD/MFD, AFGS, etc.
  • Embedded Services: Embedded C Programming, Linux system & Kernel Programming, Device Drivers, Autosar Integration (Comstack), etc.

Partnership Solutions

FPGA and SOC design services projects in Networking, AI/ML, IOT and automotive domains.