Manjeera Digital Systems

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Manjeera Digital Systems

Vindhya-C3, #203, IIIT-H Campus, Hyderabad, Telangana, Pin: 500032, India

Partner Overview

Manjeera Digital Systems (MDS) is a seven year old fabless semiconductor IP product start-up from Hyderabad, India consisting of a core team of domain experts with strong research and entrepreneurial background in semiconductor industry.  

MDS addresses high performance computing with its breakthrough Middle Stratum Operations (MSO) based computing approach and pure data-path architecture of its processor, Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA).

MDS has been supplying high performance computing solutions for its customers both on FPGA and ASICs for a variety of applications such as radar processing, camera processing, baseband processing, AI to name a few.

MDS’ highly talented engineering team has expertise in VLSI design, SoC architecture, FPGAs, computer vision, AI and machine learning algorithms, software and embedded programming.


Universal Multifunction Accelerator 

UMA provides custom hardware like acceleration - while being fully programmable - making it possible to accelerate multiple algorithms without having to change any RTL.

Programmable Inference Engine (PIE): 

PIE is UMA with Dot Product Engine extension that is very well suited for accelerating mainly RNN models.


TesseRaptor is UMA with 4D convolution extension (Tesseracts) that provides a single solution for accelerating both RNN and CNN models.

Partnership Solutions

Manjeera solutions uses FPGA as a silicon fabric for accelerating RNN, CNN and video processing applications without requiring FPGA programming or need to translate AI models to RTL for mapping on an FPGA.