Accolade Technology

Partner Details

Accolade Technology, Inc.
Franklin, MA, USA

Partner Overview

Accolade is the leading supplier of software and FPGA firmware for accelerating Cyber Security (IPS/IDS), Lawful Intercept (LI), Packet Capture, Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Service Node Applications that scale up to 400Gbps. Our technology is deployed at the Network Edge, within HyperScalar Data Centers and the 5G Wireless Infrastructure. Accolade’s solutions power Achronix Speedster® FPGAs and VectorPath® Accelerator Cards to serve these mission critical applications.


  • APP Firmware and Software
    • At the core of all ANIC adapters is the FPGA based Advanced Packet Processor (APP) software and firmware which features a scalable pipelined packet processing engine, high performance DDR3 memory and PCIe DMA interface. Accolade’s APP targets Accolade’s ANIC SmartNICS, Achronix Speedster FPGAs and VectorPath Accelerator Cards.
  • ATLAS Service Nodes
    • The ATLAS-1100 and 2000 Service Node or ASN perform advanced flow and packet handling functions at 40-400Gbps. The ASN is designed for value-added functions that include deduplication, flow mapping and unanchored string matching.

Partnership Solutions

  • Accolade’s market leading APP Technology (firmware/software) targets and powers Achronix Speedster FPGAs and PCIe Accelerator Cards in demanding 40GE to 400GE applications for Cyber Security, Network Monitoring, 5G Wireless Infrastructure and Data Center Networking applications.