Thalia Design Automation

Partner Details

Thalia Design Automation
Technium Springboard Centre, Cwmbran NP44 3AW, UK

Partner Overview

Thalia Design Automation, an IP reuse company, is an expert in targeted automation for analog and mixed signal design and IP reuse. Thalia’s AMALIA™ IP Reuse Platform migrates, improves and optimizes existing IP for new technologies and applications. Our customers – IP houses, Tier 1 players and foundries – can leverage the platform to re-use and diversify their product ranges quickly and cost effectively to meet ever-changing market demands. Our highly skilled design engineers and advanced methodologies combine with AMALIA’s AI algorithms to deliver outstanding efficiencies in the analysis, design and verification stages of IP re-use. The result is a reduction in development time of up to 50%, allowing our clients to react quicker and more effectively to changing market demands.


Amalia Analog, Mixed Signal IP and Circuit Reuse Platform:

  • Technology Analyzer™
    • The Technology Analyzer is part of the AMALIA IP Reuse Platform which targets the cost-effective reuse of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. Its unique capability extracts key process parameters that could impact circuit characteristics and viability and delivers the results in a form the user will be familiar with. This allows the user to quickly compare devices from one process technology with another. This comparison is useful to see how well two process technologies correlate and whether a reuse of an IP from one technology to another is likely or not to need design tweaks or topology changes tweaking.
  • Design Enabler™
    • The Design Enabler is part of the AMALIA IP Reuse Platform which targets the cost-effective reuse of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits. It enables users to efficiently center designs after migration from one technology to another. By quickly identifying the minimum set of devices needed to adjust a design, the tool reduces the number of changes required in layout, while improving performance. The technology employs AI and machine learning to deliver savings of up to 50% in time and resources.

Partnership Solutions

  • Speedcore™ Embedded FPGAs high-density and high-performance eFPGAs can be implemented in system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for Thalia custom designs.
  • Speedchip™ FPGA chiplets optimized for embedding in advanced system-in-package (SiP) solutions such as 2.5D via silicon interposer or organic substrate, can be combined with Thalia’s Mixed Signal or Analog reused chiplets for custom solutions.