Logic Fruit Technologies

Partner Details

Logic Fruit Technologies Pvt Ltd
806, BPTP Park Centra, Sec-30, Gurgaon, India, 122002

Partner Overview

Logic Fruit Technologies is a decade old, India-based R&D focused design house for high-performance embedded systems and applications with customers across India, the Americas and Europe. We provide solutions for mainly four industries i.e., Test & Measurement, Telecommunication, Aerospace & Defense and Semiconductor. In addition to providing traditional complex FPGA design services (our core area of expertise), we have complimented our offering with the latest AI/ML and in-line processing use cases for heterogeneous applications. We provide high-performance and low-latency solutions by utilizing FPGAs, CPUs and GPUs in optimal configurations. Our product engineering services range from feasibility study, hardware design, software development, RTL design & verification, testing & validation to turnkey product development. We can support our customers at any stage of product development, from conception and design to finished product.

The Logic Fruit team has deep expertise on high-speed serial protocols like PCIe, Ethernet, CPRI, JESD204B, DisplayPort etc. and digital signal processing covering wireless communication, video and image processing. We have 50+ HW proven RTL IPs and a team of 200+ engineers to accelerate development and further reduce the time-to-market.


The Logic Fruit team has deep expertise on high speed serial protocols like PCIe, Ethernet, DisplayPort, etc., and digital signal processing. Logic Fruit has 50+ HW proven RTL IPs which are available to build a system quickly. Some of the system level products from Logic Fruit are:

  • 10G/40G TCP/IP Offload Engine
  • ARINC818 IP
  • DisplayPort
  • CPRI7.0
  • JESD204B
  • SATA 3.0 controller
  • BPSK/QPSK modulator-demodulator

Some of the system solutions available from Logic Fruit include:

  • VPX form factor-based Single Board computer with ARINC818 Interface
  • SMFD with ARINC 818 interface
  • 512Channel scalable Data Acquisition System
  • 16 Channel IF Recoder and Replayer
  • 6 Channel RF Recoder and Replayer
  • Arbitrary waveform generator
  • High Data Rate Receiver system

Logic Fruit provides design services that encompass:

  • Requirement feasibility and Architecture
  • Hardware Design and development – FPGA/CPU/ADC and DAC-based mixed signal hardware, Mechanical design
  • Software development – Device drivers/Board Support Package (Windows/Linux/RTOS hosted), OS porting
  • RTL design – Micro-architecture, RTL coding, IP integration, Rapid prototyping, DSP algorithm implementation, verification & validation
  • QA and certification – EMI/EMC, Environmental testing, Acceptance Testing
  • Turnkey development for products such as Data Acquisition, Protocol testers, wireless communication systems, Security and Surveillance systems, Video format converter etc.

Partnership Solutions

Logic Fruit has over a decade of experience developing FPGA-based systems and has implemented range of solutions that use RTL and Software IPs. Logic Fruit has a strong technical team of over 200+ engineers and can help customers address their solution needs on different FPGA technologies offered by Achronix.

  • Logic fruit has deep expertise in the T&M domain and have served customers on projects that include latest generation protocol testers such as PCIe Gen5, 100G Ethernet, USB4.0 and eCPRI/ORAN implemented on FPGAs. Logic Fruit can help Achronix customers in rapidly developing state-of-the-art solutions on the latest Speedster7t FPGAs for the T&M industry.
  • Logic Fruit can design and develop customer-specific artificial intelligence, machine learning and data center applications on Achronix’s Speedster7t FPGAs and Accelerator cards (e.g., VectorPath®). Our expertise in developing optimal solutions utilizing FPGA, CPU and GPU allows us to deliver superior performance.
  • Logic Fruit, with well rounded FPGA technology knowledge, can help Achronix customers build applications for different industries and provide end-to-end development services.