Partner Details

Lejrvej 25, Vaerloese, Denmark

Partner Overview

Zeuxion is an experienced design house offering cost effective design services to companies primarily within the data and telecommunications industry. Their design services cover development of FPGAs, large scale ASIC designs and embedded Software. Their services range from Analysis, Design, Planning, Implementation and Documentation to Verification & Test. It also covers future maintenance support of delivered designs.

Zeuxion is very focused on customer centric Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) handling and is known in the industry to have “Always On” responsiveness.

Zeuxion employs world class designers primarily with a data & telecommunications background and respected for their ability to perform timely and good quality deliveries. At the same time they are committed to keep the Zeuxion overhead to a minimum in order to be price competitive and thus create a win-win situation for the customer and Zeuxion.


Carrier Class Ethernet Packet Switching

  • Ethernet from 1G to 400G PCS/MAC/FEC
  • Packet Processing, Traffic Managers
  • 4G & 5G Mobile Front and Backhaul
  • Sub-nanosecond timestamping
  • MPLS-TP & Ethernet OAM
  • IP4&IP6 forwarding,
  • 1588v2 and SYNC-E
  • Datacenter Offload (virtualization)
  • FlexEthernet scaling to 600GE
  • eCPRI
  • Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

Optical Transport for Core network

  • OTN from 1G to 400G
  • Ethernet to OTN mapping 1G to 100G
  • Packet encapsulations:
    • PPP-ML, SAR
  • PTP over OTN
  • FEC / EFEC
  • FlexO

Wireless Systems for Mobile Front and Backhaul

  • LTE encode/decode
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Modulators QAM, QPSK
  • Adaptive video encoding
  • DVB-T/S encode and decoding
  • Error Correction:
    • RS, BCH and 10Gbase-KR FEC
  • 802.3bj FEC for CPRI
  • Baseband Interfaces:
  • 12-600kHz Sonar systems

Security Solutions

  • AES 128/256
  • IPsec and QUIC
  • Clock synchronization
  • Deep packet inspection
  • TCP/IP stack in hardware
  • TCP/IP Offload Engine 10G
  • Ethernet MACSec 1G to 100G