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Virtual Webinar – April 25, 2024

Accelerate the Future: Harness AI with Achronix FPGA Solutions and 2D NoC Technology

Achronix, an innovator in high-performance FPGA and eFPGA IP technology, proudly co-sponsors Embedded Computing's upcoming AI in the Data Center webinar. This session will look at how data center design differs from conventional embedded computers and what choices a developer needs to make.

In a world where AI integration is a universal goal for industries, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the infrastructure that drives these advancements is a game-changer. This webinar offers a unique opportunity to explore the inner workings of high-performance computing (HPC) in data centers, with a special focus on the pivotal role of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and their design distinctions from traditional computing systems.

What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

  • Unpacking Data Center Design: Explore how data center design caters to AI's demanding needs, including the necessity for vast storage capabilities, high power densities, and advanced cooling solutions.
  • The Power of FPGAs: Learn how FPGAs offer unmatched flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, making them indispensable for modern AI workloads.
  • Optimizing AI for Efficiency: From energy management to dynamic workload allocation, discover how AI can optimize data center operations, reduce costs, and enhance performance.
  • Future-proofing with AI: Understand how AI's predictive capabilities and anomaly detection can lead to more secure, reliable, and efficient data centers.

Who Should Attend?

This Embedded Computing webinar is beneficial for engineers, IT professionals, data center managers, and anyone interested in the future of AI and data center technology.

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Meet with Achronix

Achronix FPGA technology, including high-end standalone FPGAs and eFPGA IP, can be embedded into your custom ASIC or SoC for acceleration of AI, ML, networking, data center, automotive, and other HPC applications:

  • Speedster®7t FPGAs: High-performance FPGAs with a 2D network on chip, delivering ASIC-level performance with the full programmability of FPGAs.
  • Speedcore™ eFPGA IP: Over 15 million eFPGA IP cores have shipped, bringing the performance and flexibility of programmable logic to ASICs and SoCs.
  • VectorPath® Accelerator Cards: PCIe accelerator cards for rapid prototyping and production, offering 400G Ethernet interfaces and 3.5 Tbps of GDDR6 memory bandwidth.