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DTU Science Park – Technical University of Denmark

Discover how the innovative Achronix 2D NoC greatly simplifies partial reconfiguration and IP replication

The FPGAworld Conference is a highly acclaimed international forum that brings together researchers, engineers, teachers, students, and hackers worldwide. The conference covers various topics such as complex analog/digital/software FPGA SoC systems, FPGA/ASIC-based products, educational & industrial cases, and more.

This annual event allows professionals and enthusiasts in FPGA technology to exchange ideas, discuss current trends, and present their latest research findings. Participants can learn about the latest developments in the industry and discover cutting-edge technologies being used in the field.

In addition to the informative sessions and engaging discussions, the conference offers a chance to network with like-minded individuals and forge new connections. Whether you are an academic, professional, or passionate about FPGA technology, this event is to be noticed.

Registration for the conference is entirely free and includes two coffee breaks, a delicious lunch, and a farewell drink. Please mark your calendar and make plans to join us in Copenhagen on September 14th for an unforgettable experience at the FPGAworld Conference 2023!

Visit Achronix at FPGAworld Conference Copenhagen

Achronix is excited to announce its participation at FPGA Conference 2023! We invite you to visit us at our table to witness firsthand the latest advancements in our accelerated automatic speech recognition (ASR) demonstration. Powered by's ASR solution, our Speedster7t FPGA on a VectorPath accelerator card delivers real-time, low-latency speech-to-text solutions, slashing costs by up to 90% compared to 20 CPU-based servers. This all-inclusive solution, complete with a host API, requires no RTL or FPGA knowledge and is compatible with all major deep learning frameworks, such as PyTorch and Caffe 2.

We will showcase the latest FPGA and eFPGA IP solutions for high-bandwidth, compute-intensive, and real-time processing applications:

  • Speedster®7t FPGAs – high-performance FPGAs with 2D network on chip. Delivers ASIC-level performance with the full programmability of FPGAs.
  • Speedcore™ eFPGA IP – over 15 million eFPGA IP cores shipped. Brings the performance and flexibility of programmable logic to ASICs and SoCs.
  • VectorPath® Accelerator Cards – PCIe Gen 5.0 ×16 accelerator cards for rapid prototyping and production. Offers 400G and 200G Ethernet interfaces and 3.5 Tbps of GDDR6 memory bandwidth.


IP Replication and Partial Reconfiguration Using an FPGA with 2D NoC – Simon Longcroft

In this session, we discuss using a 2D NoC, FPGA core-fabric hardware architecture, and software tools to create a soft IP core that can seamlessly communicate with all I/O and memory interfaces and other IP cores in the FPGA fabric. The flexibility of the IP core allows it to be easily replicated and relocated to any location within the fabric, while the software bitstream remapping tools enable the generation and movement of partial reconfiguration bitstreams. Consequently, we offer a cutting-edge solution that enables multi-tenancy, seamless IP integration from third-party vendors, and dynamic load balancing of accelerator functions within a single FPGA in data centers.

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