TSMC 2021 Online Technology Symposiums

Event Start Date

North America: June 1, 9:30 AM PDT

China, Europe, and Taiwan: June 2, 9:30 AM CST

The TSMC 2021 Online Technology Symposiums will include keynotes and technology updates, where you can learn about:

  • TSMC's smartphone, HPC, IoT, and automotive platform solutions
  • TSMC's advanced technology progress on 7nm, 5nm, 3nm processes and beyond
  • TSMC’s specialty technology breakthroughs on ultra-low power, RF, embedded memory, power management, sensor technologies
  • TSMC's advanced packaging technology advancement on InFO, CoWoS®, and SoIC and other exciting innovations
  • TSMC's manufacturing excellence, capacity expansion plan, and green manufacturing achievement
  • TSMC's Open Innovation Platform® Ecosystem to speed up time-to-design

Visit Achronix in our virtual booth.

Innovation Zone

Chris Pelosi, vice president of hardware engineering at Achronix, will present an Introduction to Speedster®7t in the Innovation Zone where valued customers of TSMC are invited to showcase their products and collaboration with TSMC to more than 5,000 worldwide attendees.