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Networking Game Changer: The Potential of SmartNICs with Achronix FPGAs

Bob Siller,Director, Product Marketing

Explore the transformative power of Achronix FPGAs in SmartNIC technology. Discover how composable SmartNICs redefine networking with unparalleled adaptability and performance. Read our latest article on Electronic Design's TechXchange.

LLM Inferencing on Speedster7t FPGAs

Accelerating LLM Inferencing on FPGAs

Bob Siller,Director, Product Marketing

Comparing Achronix Speedster7t FPGAs to GPU solutions for running the Llama2 70B parameter model and exceeding LLM inference processing demands.

Bluespec Linux-capable RISC-V Soft Processors for Achronix FPGAs

Enabling Scalable Processing with Achronix FPGAs and Bluespec's RISC-V Soft Processors

Alexandra Saavedra,Demand Generation Manager

Achronix Semiconductor and Bluespec, Inc. have unveiled a highly scalable suite of Linux-capable RISC-V soft processors specifically designed for the Achronix Speedster7t FPGA family.

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Maximizing Data Conversion Efficiency: A Deep Dive Into the Achronix JESD204C Solution

Scott Schweitzer, Director of SmartNIC Product Planning

Discover Achronix's cutting-edge JESD204C solutions on Speedster7t FPGAs, offering high-speed data converter interfaces for your custom ADC/DAC designs. Learn about increased lane rates, robust links, and more. Request a free demo now!

Interview with EDACafe

What’s New in FPGAs at Achronix: A Q&A With EDACafé

Alexandra Saavedra,Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

Our VP of Marketing, Steve Mensor, recently sat down with the team from EDACafé to talk about what's new in the world of Achronix. Read on to see the highlights of Steve's recent Q&A session.

FPGAworld Conference 2023

Unleash Reprogrammability & Connectivity: Visit Achronix at FPGAworld Conference 2023

Alexandra Saavedra,Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager

For two days, FPGA enthusiasts, researchers, engineers, teachers, and even hackers from around the globe will converge in the heart of Stockholm and Copenhagen. Our team of FPGA experts invites you to visit our table to get a firsthand look at the latest advancements in FPGA technology shaping several industries' future.

Large Language Models for ChatGPT

FPGA-Accelerated Large Language Models Used for ChatGPT

Bob Siller,Director of Product Marketing

In this blog, we will delve into the difficulties encountered with large language models and explore potential solutions that can pave the way for their enhanced usability and reliability.

ADAS Applications

Why Embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP is Ideal for ADAS Applications

Pascal Ravillion,Senior Manager Product Marketing

One of the major aspects of increasing vehicle electrification and autonomy is the proliferation of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). In this blog, we’ll look at the hardware requirements for ADAS, how FPGAs have historically filled these voids, and why eFPGA IP will be the next ADAS hardware trend.

Achronix ChipEx Thumbnail

Top Three Reasons to Meet Achronix at ChipEx 2023

Alexandra Saavedra,Demand Generation Manager

Are you looking for the latest innovations in high-performance semiconductors? ChipEx 2023 is the event you cannot miss! As the main event for the chip industry in Israel, ChipEx 2023 is bringing together experts worldwide to discuss the latest technologies and challenges in the industry.

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Achronix Showcases AI FPGA Application at the TSMC Innovation Zone

Alexandra Saavedra,Demand Generation Manager

Achronix will be participating in TSMC's 2023 North America Technology Symposium on April 26 in Santa Clara, California. The symposium is an excellent opportunity to learn about TSMC's advanced technology progress on 7nm, 6nm, 5nm, 4nm, 3nm processes, and beyond.